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Typical Food Cabo

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Typical Food Cabo: Los Cabos is a gastronomic paradise, thanks to the diverse cultures that converge here! And being a world class tourist destination, can be found from Baja California Sur and Mexican food fare to gourmet International cuisine. If you’re in Cabo sure you already have a restaurants guide in your hands. Let’s talk about what the locals normally eat.

A typical “choyero” breakfast includes wheat flour tortilla burritos of machaca (crumbled beef jerky) beans and hot coffee, delicioso! Other traditional dishes of the region are barbecue beef , “fresh” soup (handcrafted pasta with tomato sauce and spices), goat meat birria (spicy meat stew), marlin and stingray salad, fish tacos, ceviche, seafood, fish meatballs, beef and sweet beans patties, and grilled steak tacos – feeling hungry?

Of course, we also love the typical Mexican food like pozole, menudo, tamales and other “antojitos mexicanos” such as chilaquiles and enchiladas.

And if you ask what we prefer for dessert, look no further than a slice of homemade “María Canela cafecito” cake – you must try the milky chocolate or strawberries with cream cakes. So delicious! Speaking of dessert and delicious food, July is Pitahaya season, a delicious exotic fruit of the cactus. Some locals enjoy going to the scrubland to collect the fruit or, as they say to “pitahayar”. In fact, the village of Miraflores, (located north of San José del Cabo) has held the “Feria de la pitahaya”, a craft and cultural festival, for 24 years.There are also several regional sweets made of mango, guava, papaya, grapefruit, and lemon, all those abundant tropical fruits in the area… And there is always room for dessert!

As for local drinks, don’t leave without trying the Damiana herb tea or Damiana liquor. It is even used medicinally. Also, be sure to try a delicious “champurrado” – a thick drink made of flour, cinnamon, piloncillo, and chocolate.