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Fishing pangas

Cabo Fishing Pangas.  There are The most economical option for fishing in Cabo, Especially for fly fishing and to cath all kinds of big fish. They are very practical and can go fishing comfortably 1 to 3 anglers. Pangas or also known as “Super Pangas”

Tres Marlins

Tres marlins panga

$210 – $260

  • 23ft Super Panga
  • Single Fighting Chair
  • 3 Anglers

This is a real “superpanga”, very neat and well maintained by its owner and operator Captain Justo.

In super pangas you can catch wahoo, dorado and tuna and if you’re lucky -something that often happens in the Cabo waters!- you can also have your own striped marlin, as Cabo ranks the number one location in the world to catch them.

Other options for Cabo Fishing?

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, we recommend our most popular option Boat fishing charters. But if you are looking for maximum comfort for your day of fishing, check out our section of small yachts.

Also you can view photos and prices of these options at a glance, and from there select one to view more details and book online.