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Cabo Fishing Tournaments

Cabo Fishing Tournaments, Big Game Fishing. Los Cabos is home to many successful fishing tournaments and the biggest tournament prizes ever, Why? Because Los Cabos offers one of the most fruitful waters in the world!  Renowned for its world-class sportfishing and record catches, anglers come from  around the world to try their hand at our wonderful fishing grounds.

Los Cabos has one of the most famous sportfishing fleets in the world. Most charters are available for tournaments, though we recommend that you  register and book early for lower prices. The price of charters for tournaments is higher due to longer fishing days, the wear and tear, and higher fuel costs. We invite you to head out to our section Fishing in Cabo to find available charters for your fishing day. Here are the most famous international tournaments that take place in Los Cabos; join us for these great days of fishing and celebration.

Stars and Stripes Fishing and Golf Tournament

Stars & Stripes an annual charity which combines deep sea fishing and golf on Mexico’s finest courses. Held since 1996 in Cabo San Lucas, the event raises funds to Southern California charities. As you can see on their site http://www.starsandstripestournament.com, this event lasts from Thursday to Saturday in June.

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is a three-day event held in October. Prizes are given out to the team that tallies the most billfish points per pound, targeting blue, black, and striped marlin, spearfish, and sailfish. Monetary awards are given to first, second and third place, along with trophies and prizes awarded to the top three teams who releases the most billfish. Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado. Organized by both the Los Cabos Tourism Board and the Marlin and Sport Fishing magazines, this tournament began in 1999. The entry fee is approximately $5,000 per team (up to six anglers) plus the cost of any additional jackpots. Over $500,000 in prize money is up for grabs! To see the exact costs of the next tournament visit: www.loscabosbillfishtournament.com.

Black & Blue Bisbees Tournaments

As stated on their website, the Black & Blue Bisbees tournaments started in 1981 and  it’s recognized as the richest offshore tournaments in the world. The three Bisbees tournaments take place in Cabo San Lucas and East Cape, kicking off the “high season” in Los Cabos. These tournaments are highly anticipated by the participants and the local community alike and the festive marine atmosphere is not to be missed.

*East Cape Offshore:

First held in July at Buenavista, targets black and blue marlin, tuna and dorado. The entry fee is around $1500 per team (up to 4 anglers).

*Los Cabos Offshore:

This a charity tournament, considered a practice round for the Black and Blue, though both are held in October. The entry fee is around $1500 per team (up to 4 anglers) plus the cost of any additional jackpots you choose. The minimum weight requirement for marlin is 300 pounds and anything less will be penalized. The heaviest dorado and tuna also get prizes. Prizes are about $300,000.

*Black and Blue:

The third and largest tournament features with the highest number of million dollar winners. This is a black and blue marlin tournament only (300 lbs. minimum weight requirement). The entry fee is about $5000 per team (up to 4 anglers) plus the cost of any additional jackpots. Over $4 million in prize money is given away every year.

There have been many memorable wins throughout the tournament’s thirty-three year history, but 2013 will always be remembered as the year of the ladies. Why? Because, as Martha McNabb said, “Chicks catch fish!” Martha and her crew won 2nd place at the 2013 Black & Blue Marlin tournament while Linda Williams and her team captured 1st place.

Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic

Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic is a new fishing event, free with the booking of a charter boat. It’s a two day event in November designed to promote charter boats and resorts in Los Cabos. There are good prizes for first, second and third place. Locations include the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort in East Cape, Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San José and IGY Marina in Cabo San Lucas. Eligible species are blue, black and striped marlin, sailfish, spearfish, tuna, wahoo and dorado. Striped marlin, sailfish and spearfish are release only. The tournament offers around $25,000 in cash plus prize – so if you want to go fishing, why not do it during this tournament? An excellent choice, don’t you think?

Western Outdoor News Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot

As its name implies, the team that catches the biggest Yellowfin Tuna is the winner, with an optional gamefish division for wahoo and dorado. It’s held in the first days of November and the entry fee is approx $800 per team (up to 4 anglers) plus the cost of any jackpots you enter. Over $800,000 in prize money is up for grabs.

The major fishing tournaments are listed above, but there are plenty of smaller (but equally fun and challenging!) tournaments in Baja California Sur, including following venues: Punta Abreojos and La Bocana in Mulege, San Juanico and Puerto San Carlos in Comondu, Loreto, Todos Santos and El Sargento in La Paz (October), and La Rivera in East Cape (August). In these locations, the tournaments are usually a part of the towns’ traditional celebrations of their Patron Saint. For example, March 2014 witnessed the second “Fiestas Tradicionales de San José fishing tournament” which stretched from Puerto Los Cabos Marine in San Jose and targeted sierra, tuna, and dorado. The entry fee is around $100 per team of 3 anglers. This event is organized through the LosCabosCity Hall and SEPESCA (State Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture).

Actually many of these local tournaments are part of SERIAL SEPESCA where both local fishermen and visitors are welcome, and they spend great time! The first places get an automatic pass to the final also, that this year will be awarding the winning team a bag of $ 50,000.

Dorado and wahoo are two species highly valued by anglers and the Sea of Cortez hosts many large specimens that are always a fishing challenge. For this yeason, there are two important tournaments held every year; they’re called the Dorado Shoot Out and the Wahoo International Tournaments:

The 10th Annual Dorado Shoot Out Tournament will take place in 2014. The first place winner, the person who catches the largest Dorado, gets a new pick-up Toyota Tacoma 4X4 and there are more than a dozen other prizes to be won. This is a one day tournament scheduled for July 19 at the Van Wormer Resorts in Los Barriles (East Cape) and the entry fee is $800 per team plus the cost of any jackpots you enter.

The Annual Wahoo International Tournament is hosted at the Puerto Los Cabos Marine in San Jose the third weekend of November. The registration fee is around $250  and the past 5th edition (2013) first-place prize was $12,800 plus a car sponsored by the State Government.

 In March 2014, the first Annual Rancho Leonero Yellowtail Tournament was organized by the Rancho Leonero resort located in East Cape. Entry was free for guests and $200 for non guests. The first prize was a 5 day stay at Rancho Leonero and other prizes included $1000 cash and accurate reels.

About inshore fishing is the family event and traditional Jansen Inshore Tackle Sierra Tournament, wich gave away new Shimano Stella 18000 reel for the biggest Sierra caught as the first place prize last year. 2014 marks the tournament’s fifth year and it’s held in MigriñoBeach, an ideal beach due to its length and proximity to Cabo San Lucas. The entry fee is about $25.

For more information and exact dates, please feel free to contact us or find the official sites of the tournaments. Good luck and good fishing to all!